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I recently began working for Lotus Belle Tents as the new Sales and Service Coordinator and was lucky enough to end my first week of work with going to Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara. Lotus Belle was one of the presenting sponsors of the festival, and it was great to see all of the different ways that our tents were used to add to this beautiful experience.

Not only was this my first festival with Lotus Belle Tents, but it was my first Lucidity as well. The weekend provided my mind, body, and spirit with every kind of nourishment that it needed, and having our Lotus Belle tent as our sanctuary made it that much better. Lucidity Festival began six years ago in 2012, and is considered an "open source transformational art and music festival." The reason that they call it an open source festival is because the founders of Lucidity created the festival with the intention of inviting the festival-goers to open themselves up to their own infinite potential to create, play, love, heal, and be whatever they want to be in this world. The interactions experienced at the festival helped me to gain new perspectives on certain views that I held, and deepen the connection that I feel with the world and all of the people that live in it.

As a presenting sponsor at Lucidity and the tents were utilized for a multitude of different uses. My favorite one that I happened upon at the festival was “Mothers of Lucidity” tent, which was set up in one of our red outback tents. When Jessica Walsh (one of Lotus Belle’s founders) and I stepped into this tent, we were greeted by two mothers. One on a rocking chair, and one sitting on a cute couch with a hand stitched quilt on the back of it. There were comfy rugs on the floor and large plush pillows that had been hand made as well. We sat down for a while, shared stories about our lives, and learned a bit more about how Lucidity came to be from one of the women, who was actually one of the founder’s mother. Another woman came in with her cute little girl, and we chatted a bit longer before we continued our wandering around the festival. Lotus Belles were sprinkled all around the festival, one was used for the official media hub where press gatherings and interviews were held. Others were used for a weekend stay in a lotus belle tent village at the festival.

My favorite thing about staying in our lotus belle was that it inevitably brought new connections into my life. A Lotus Belle tent stands out among others with its towering teardrop shaped exterior, and invites them in with its spacious and comfortable interior. Many people would come by our tent to check it out and ask questions about it, and then come sit down and end up becoming new friends. It served as a great conversation starter, and a wonderful place to call home for the weekend.

I loved learning more about Lotus Belle Tents through firsthand experience of staying in one while contributing to a beautiful creative collaboration of music, community, and art, and would recommend Lucidity Festival to anyone looking for a unique and immersive festival experience.

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