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Questions? Type into the search engine on the right hand side of the home page as a quick and easy way to find the solutions you are looking for also on this page you'll find most answers to our most commonly asked questions - so scroll away!

Where can I see one put up?

Its not always possible to view the tents in person as we do not have a showroom currently, but most people buy of the strength of our reputation for producing outstanding quality products for 10 years. There there are hundreds of great testimonials online and if you'd like to support other small businesses then we have a Corporate List (which we are constantly adding to) so you can book a glamping stay near you! You can also sign up to our mailing list to get updates on where you can view a Lotus Belle tent and check out our gallery section for images.

How much is shipping and where do you ship from? Can I pick up? 

Simply select the items you want,  start  the check out process and you can get a quote there (before having to pay)

We dispatch from our warehouses in just outside LA & Dallas Monday-Friday

If you require pickup then you simply place your order online during business hours, contact us immediately, stating your pick up request (that way it doesn’t automatically drop into the system) then we supply pick up address (please bring ID) and we’ll reimburse your shipping once we have confirmation from our warehouse you’ve picked up. Please allow 24-48 hours notice period for pick ups / Will Call 

What are the measurements?

All Lotus Belle tents (except Air Tents) are made form 11.2 oz/yd² 60/40% poly-cotton canvas which is much thicker canvas than any other bell tent on the market. The Lotus Belle design is also 150% bigger inside than standard bell tents.

The 13 foot tent is 13 feet in floor diameter and 14.8 at it's widest point (waist level). It's total height is 9.8ft high and 4.8ft floor to top of walls. The two windows measure 2.6 x 2.3 ft each and the door 5 feet high x 3.5 feet wide. The pole height is: 9.8 ft. The 13 foot tent weighs 124 lbs approx and when it is packed up in its bag measures 3.7 ft x 1.3 x 1.3

The ideal approximate area including the guy lines for the 13ft tent is 527 ft2 (you can adjust the toggles inwards to take up less space) 

The floor area of the 13ft tent is 13ft by 13ft which is 132.73 ft²

The 16 foot tent is 16 feet in floor diameter, 18 feet at its widest point and slightly taller at 10.5 feet high and 4.8ft floor to top of walls. The door and windows are the same dimensions are 4.3ft width and 5ft tall.

The pole height is: 10.8ft. The 16 foot tent weighs 146 lbs and when it is packed up in its bag measures 4.2 ft x 1.3 x 1.3

The ideal approximate area including the guy lines for the 16ft tent is 688 ft2  

The floor area of the 16ft tent is 16ft by 16ft which is 201.06 ft²

13ft tents can fit up to 4 standard size single beds and 16ft tents up to 6 standard size singles. You can even fit a queen size bed in a 13ft if its propped up as the 13ft tent is 14.8ft at its widest point or you can adjust the pole towards the door a fraction 

The 20 foot tent is 20 feet in floor diameter. It's total height is 11.8ft high and 4.8ft floor to top of walls. The two windows measure 2.6 x 2.3 ft each and the door 5 feet high x 3.5 feet wide. The door is 5ft x 3.54 wide. The 20 foot tent weighs 150 lbs approx.

The ideal approximate area including the guy lines for the 13ft tent is 30 ft x 30 ft (you can adjust the toggles inwards to take up less space). Our 20ft Lotus Belle is 314.16 ft²

The pole diameter of the 20ft tent is 2.75 inches. Pole diameter for 13 and 16ft tents is 2.16 inches.

See the Lotus Belle Comparison Chart here. 

Is it waterproof and what about mold and mildew?

Absolutely! Its very waterproof. We've tested the tent in many conditions - including having experienced a cyclone in one - and heavy showers and inside is dry as a bone. After extensive weathering we recommend cleaning and reproofing your tent with a suitable canvas treatment. Also really important to take precautions like never packing away your tent wet (especially the groundsheet!) and make sure the canvas shutters are down when drying it so there is no damp build-up. We use 11.2 oz grade canvas which is treated to make it mold, mildew, rot and fire resistant. This does not guarantee you won't get mold, so please read the below care suggestions if you've not had experience with canvas tent before.

How long it will last is totally dependent on how well you look after it and how long you have it up. We would expect a Lotus Belle tent to last at least 2-5 years, with casual use (if well looked after hopefully much longer.) We have friends still using canvas tents for their camping trips which have been in the family over 50 years! 

 Click here for more information of looking after your Lotus Belle tent

What about bugs and creepy crawlies? 

All our tents have a very fine woven mesh on the windows and doors. There is also mesh between the roof and wall canvas sections. The groundsheet is connected to the lower walls (see instructions below). Remember you are in the great outdoors so we can't absolutely guarantee no bugs but we've taken all the precautions to minimize any issues.  

What is the floor made of? How about platforms?

We use a very strong16 oz/yd² PVC groundsheet (which is the same durable waterproof fabric that they make kayaks out of!) We only use the best quality materials. If you would like to insulate your tent more or just provide a nice feel for the flooring you can use carpets, like those in the pictures. We will have more variety of mats and floor furnishings available from our store.

We often get asked about platforms. You do not need to build a platform for your tent but it certainly helps if you have your tent up for longer term use having it raised off the ground. We do not sell blueprints or plans. Platforms range in price and quality. Some folks use re-purposed wood from pallets and others raised and levelled platforms like whats pictured below. Its all part of the fun of owning a Lotus Belle adapting it to your needs. 

Have a look at the following link for some ideas from customers here on Pinterest

How does it perform in wind?

Really well. The tent has 10 supporting poles and multiple guy ropes to keep it well anchored, a good idea is to slacken these in storms to let the tent move. We left it up recently during a 45 mph storm and the tent was fine. We have had customers report the tent "performed like a trooper" in winds gusting 62 miles per hour. It's not recommended you do this all the time.

Any strong weather conditions are not good for your tent. Please exercise due diligence. If there are weather warnings set in place for your area, for storms, high winds or snowfalls, take your tent down.

How about snow and snow loads?

As far as snow load of about 1-2 feet but bare in mind snow weight can be deceiving and weigh a lot more than it looks. We recommend that you brush the snow off when you get a big snowfall. You can always go into the tent with a broom handle and knock it off from the inside. Our wood burning stoves are also excellent at keeping the tents dry during winter and insulated liners too - all available in our accessories section

How much space will I need to pitch it in?

Ideally you'll have about 23 feet in diameter space/footprint to put up the 13 ft tent, but you can easily adjust the toggles inwards to reduce tour footprint

You'll need 26 feet in diameter to pitch the 16 ft tent or a 23 foot minimum space. If you are pitching multiple tents you can overlap the guy lines to maximise space.

Do you allow pick ups? How long does shipping take? 

We have a warehouse in LA and Dallas. For now, Will Call is available if the product is purchased before (our warehouse do not take payments). Notify us with your order # immediately after your order is placed that you would like a pick . We need 24 hours notice and will pro-rate your shipping once the item is collected and we have confirmation of this. Please bring state ID. Please note pick ups are not always possible and at our discretion. 
Anything purchased online takes 2-10 working days for delivery (depending where you are located) 

Will it fit in the trunk of my car?

Yes! Woohoo, hurrah, finally, an almost-yurt that you can actually travel in a normal size car with! It folds up and fits in s large duffle bag, measuring about 4ft x 1.3 x 1.3 . So there's even room for your sleeping bag (and perhaps some clothes too if you're lucky)


What is the size of the box the Lotus Belle tent comes in?

 Commodity SKU
Length (ft)
Width (ft)
Height (ft)
Weight (lbs)
Air Beam Bud Main Box 2.8 1.8 1.3 58.4
13ft Lotus Tent Main Box 3.6 1.5 .98 68.3
Spare Box 3.3 1.1 .98 72.7
16ft Lotus Tent Main Box 4.3 1.5 .98 83.7
Spare Box 3.3 1.1 .98 81.5
20ft Lotus Tent Main Box 4.4 1.5 1 110
Spare Box 3.2 1.3 1 99
Lotus Mahal Box 1 4.3 1.3 .92 81.5
Box 2 4.3 1.3 .92 81.5
Box 3 4.3 1.3 1.3 94.8
Box 4 3.8 1.2 1.2 94.8
Box 5 2.6 1.1 .98 97
Box 6 2 1.3 1.4 30.2






What is the availability of the tents and do you have any other colours?

We don't mass produce our tents so some of our stock does sell out, but have more arriving and so pre-orders can be made. Contact us for an update on delivery if your item is on pre-order as sometimes if can take a couple of months.

We only sell whats available on our web-store, we do a limited edition colour each year this year its green. We find that the most popular choose by a landslide is our cream canvas as it allows for plenty of natural light and it much better wearing.

Do I need to build a platform for it?

This is not necessary but a lot of customers like to build a platform to increase the lifespan of the tent. We do not have plans or blueprints for the platforms as many people build different ones, from quite elaborate platforms as can be seen in this video Living in a Lotus Belle to more basic ones. We have some customer pics on our Pinterest page which can be viewed here 

Can I fit a stove?  Can I fit a swamp cooler (air conditioning) vent?

We decided against burner holes in recent model tents. Reason being some stoves are top flue, while others are side flue
Also depending on how your tent is pitched will be a decider on where the hole goes. For example if you have a look at this photo, the customer has canterlevered the roof guy lines on posts, thus the roof isn't sitting in the traditional way it would normally. So the customer made their own hole for the stove which penetrate the wall and roof canvas
We are happy to offer guidance but again will depend on the stove you choose.

If you have an air conditioning unit but don't have a burner hole you can vent the unit by putting it through one of the two windows in the Lotus Belle and zipping both zips shut around it

How long does it take to put up?

Once you get the hang of it one person can do the whole thing in 45 minutes. Sure its easier with two people but one person will be able to erect the tent if need be. There are two methods of putting the tent up - roof first or walls first. It is easier to put the walls up first, but if its raining when you put it up, then roof first is better. (also - if you leave the wall poles in the canvas, you can put it up in 15 minutes)

How long can I have it up?

As a guide, we say 2-4 months a year of use (depending on the conditions and climate in your area and be aware anything over a month is considered long-term use) which makes it perfect for semi-permanent accommodation for your business or just a family member visiting for the summer! We have customers ranging from eco-tourist resorts, kids education centres to artists wanting studio space and everything in between. The possibilities really are endless with what you can do. Here's what one of our customers says:

"We live just over 3.5 hours north of LA in a small seaside town. We had our Lotus Belle tent up one whole year. It worked out wonderfully, except for a few signs of mildew, which can be expected after having it up so long. I used the tent as a spare room for our kids and their friends and the whole neighbourhood thought it was awesome in every way!" Joanna Bobbitt, CA, USA


It’s recommended you air your tent our regularly (especially in more tropical climates) watch how the canvas is wearing, inspect it for signs of mold and take down during heavy rain and monsoon periods. Be aware Your tent will be more prone to mold in the tropics (as everything is) but with the right care plan in place your tent should handle the conditions OK. Be aware any use beyond a month so considered long term. Contact us for more details and read the PDF doc on cleaning in this section for looking after your tent 

How long will the canvas last?

It’s a bit of a  “how long is a price of string” question as It depends on a few factors:
1) How long the tent is left up 
2) How well it’s maintained (regular cleaning, whether it’s being used by the public where it would have much more wear and tear) 
3) What conditions it’s in (for example it it’s endured a bad storms, intense heat, snow etc) 
It is really a very difficult question to answer but what we can tell you is:
1) They’ve been on the market 12 years and we still have tents that age in use 
2) with the right care and use canvas can last a long time. I personally have met people on my camping journeys who are still using their grandfathers tents that were used in World War 2 (that’s a whopping 75 years!) 
3) The longer you have it up, the more you will reduce its lifespan (as with anything!) so bare that in mind 

How do I put it up?

View PDF instructions


Packing Instructions

View packing instructions

Care Guidance


Roof Cover Instructions

Lotus Belle Roof Covers Instructions

Do you offer finance options?

We are pleased to have partnered with Affirm to offer payment options over 3, 6 and 12 month periods
Please note that due to the time period passed in making payments and the availability of stock (we often sell out of popular items) there may be additional wait times once your full payment has been made. It is highly advisable to purchase an item outright if you need it for a particular date, event or have any uncertainty on wait times (being a seasonal product our stock is mostly arriving in Spring) 

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What certificates of compliance? Do I need a permit?

We use the industry standard test known as SGS Report. SGS have existed as a company for almost 150 years and specialize in inspection and verification of traded goods, the testing of products quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards, and make sure products meet the requirements of standards set by government. For a copy of our SGS report click here 

Our tents are just that - a tent - this means its classed as a temporary structure so in cases a permit is not needed. However if in doubt check out with your local council. 

Terms and Conditions and Warranty

Below are our T's & C's. We offer a 1 year manufactures warranty and a lifetime of support. 

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