Top Tips for surviving the Burning Man with Your Tent

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As we are about to hit August, that party in the Nevada desert, that so many of us hold dear approaches fast . 

We've been lucky enough to attend the Burn on several occasions and in the lead up provided our customers with tents for the past 6 years. The number one question we get asked is "which tent is best"? The answer is pretty simple the Hybrid Deluxe models come with all the bells and whistles  - anything with Hybrid has both mesh and PVC see through windows so if you are in one of those dust storms 1) dust is less likely to get in 2) you can see outside to check the coast is clear and emerge from your tent.

Another top question (and this applies to anyone with any type of tent) is how do I "weatherise" my tent for the harsh conditions of the Playa?

1) This might seem blindingly obvious but pitching your tent correctly is number ONE. Too many people "chance it" buy a brand new product and attempt to set it up for the first time on the playa. With those long, long queues, you might find yourself arriving at midday, in the heat of the day, and who wants to pitch then? If you do, then you want to make sure its fast, so you can hit the dance floor! So when you buy your tent, check the contents are all there, attach the ropes needed for the tent set-up and do a trial run. Trust us. If you are frustrated setting up a tent for the first time, you will be 10 times more frustrated in the desert! Trust us.

2) Next up is additional tarps. While your tent is good as it is, surviving the playa is often a strength in numbers game. Having a larger shade structure over your tent can be great both for shade and weather resilience. Take a look at these guys (and spot the Lotus)

The winds can be strong. A few years back we saw a one ton geodesic dome wrap itself around a U'haul. It was lucky no one was killed. We don't want to freak you out but this shows how ruthless mother nature can be. Be prepared.

3) We offer a heat reflective roof which really make such a difference when you are camping in extremely hot climates. We tested it recently and recorded temperatures of 90 degrees outside and 78 degrees inside! Available for 13fr, 16ft and 20ft Lotus Belle tents. 

4) If your worried about high winds we have longer stakes which are rebar. You're tent is going no where with these guys 

5) Clamps. You can easily pick up a decent assortment at your local Home Depot. For as little as a buck each you can buy spring fastening clamps which are amazing, for sealing gaps where dust gets in and clipping fabric onto your tent to both personalise it (its all about the decor!) and make it more dust resistant. Check out these guys below with their Moroccan vibe.

Air conditioning. Do you really need it? It does suck up a lot of power, you will need a generator (noisy and annoying for neighbours) and in many respects its better to adjust to the natural algoryhtms of your environment and get outside rather than stay inside a tent in the heat of the day. If your particularly heat sensitive or spent an all nighter making friends and dancing and just want to sleep the days away, then air con can be a good idea. You're going to need at least a 2000 watt generator to power a 8000-12000 BTU air con.

We know folks that have dumped their ac and made a evaporator cooler aka Swamp Cooler which works well and uses 1/10 of the power needed to power air conditioning. For all those going "what the heck is a swamp cooler" check this video below 

Finally home really is where the heart is. Bringing some tapestries, a mat, your favourite sheepskin or blanket can really make the world of difference. Especially if your travelling from really far. A week feels like a month on the playa. So bring something from home, something you want to come home to. Maybe its a cuddly toy, wool blanket your grandma gave you. Its home for a week and theres only 52 of those in the year and Burning Man is one heck of a week. 

In dust we trust! Hope you all have an amazing Burn and we look forward to your stories and photos afterwards. Its always a massive highlight of the year for us



Photo cred a customer. We 't remember who as it was yonks ago so tag yourselves if you see this! Thank you

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