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Energy Rising Retreat and Wellness Centre is located in the beautiful countryside of Flinders, Victoria Australia and is just a short stroll from the ocean. Just as the name suggests it is the ideal place to unwind and re energise. Run by Carl and Claire Camden-Burch who's dream had always been to run a retreat centre, they took the plunge and opened their doors in 2014. The couple set themselves apart by offering a unique blend of boutique glamping accommodation as well as healing workshops and therapies to their clients. Staying at Energy Rising Retreat is a full holistic wellness and nature immersion experience.

Claire told us that she knew she wanted a Lotus Belle the moment she saw them ‘We had a dream to buy a Lotus Belle Tent to have as a yoga and mediation space at our retreat. Little did we know that after we purchased our first 16ft Outback Deluxe Lotus Belle Tent and set it all up on its own decking, that the world of AirBnB and Glamping would see us sidestep from our original dream to an even bigger and better one. Energy Rising Retreats then became Energy Rising Glamping Retreats.’

Carl and Claire have had so much success marketing their first tent through AirBnB that they decided to purchase an additional Lotus Belle, this time a 13ft Outback deluxe tent.
Lotus belle tents are such a beautifully designed product, they are almost like a blank canvas and we are continuously inspired by how our clients make their Lotus Belle a unique space for guests to enjoy.

Claire tells us that ‘The 13ft Deluxe Outback tent is for relaxing or romantic weekends, even with a claw foot bath out the back. The 16ft Deluxe Outback tent became the family or group tent. It easily sleeps up to 7 people. Each tent comes complete with fridge and Heater.’
Energy Rising retreat is situated closely to the Bass strait at the bottom of Victoria, the weather can get very windy at times, with lots of costal rain. The heaters mean that Claire and Carl can book their tents out all year round, both tents have the Lotus Belle printed roof covers which not only look great but keep them extra dry and clean.

Claire loves her Lotus Belle Tents and has had over 55 positive reviews on AirBnB and many more on their Facebook page ‘Our dream now is to have a Glamping Retreat full of Lotus Belle Tents. Our motto 'Experience the difference all year round' is totally supported by these amazing Outback Lotus Belle Tents as they really are standing the test of time, wind and weather.

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