Lotus Belle 10ft Air Beam Bud Tent

  • $1,80000

The Lotus Air 10ft Air Beam Bud Tent

10ft diameter inflatable version of the Lotus Belle designed with easy camping and festivals in mind. Comes inside a backpack for easy transport and the porch awning is included too! 

The Lotus Air Bud utilizes air pole technology which means it has no metal poles. It inflates in less than 5 minutes, is extremely sturdy, durable and you can stand up inside.

    • 10 x 10 foot in groundsheet diameter, two mesh windows with canvas exterior blinds just like the Lotus Belle 
    • 7.8 feet highest point 
    • Weighs just 40 lbs
    • Big enough to fit a queen-size bed
    • No center pole so you can use 100% of the space inside
    • No more broken poles and super fast to assemble!
    • Scroll through the photos, comes with a porch awning so no need to buy separately 
    • Groundsheet thickness 420 gsm and super thick and waterproof
    • Canvas is a polyester cotton blend - 60% cotton /40% polyester. 180gsm.
    • Transports in a backpack with the dimensions of 34 x 22 x 16 @ 58lbs
    • Pitching area required 16.50 x 16.50 ft (can reduce the footprint by adjusting the guy lines inwards) 

Pair it with our 10ft Lotus Room Cocoon to create a cozy feel inside and help regulate the temperature.

To see just how easy it is! view our pictorial instructions here 

Watch the video to see how easy it is!  
* Please note that all our accessories except for the 10ft Cocoon Liner are made for the Lotus Belle Tents and NOT the Air Beam Bud

** Please note that if there are big temperature variables between night and day the air tents may deflate. They are great for summer camping but not suitable if it’s hot during the day and very, very cold at night as the air poles will struggle to hold air. 
Please note: The Lotus Air is a lighter-weight version of our flagship model the Lotus Belle, but bear in mind this tent is for short camping trips. It's not designed to be kept up semi-permanently. So if you're after something that can stay up for a few months at a time go for the
Lotus Belle Tent