• $30000

Sourcing, sustainable ethically made products is at the heart of what Lotus Belle is all about. A lot of bell tent mats on the market are coir and very rough on the feet. We've worked with a team and blended softer jute with a much finer weave. Made largely by a women’s co-operative, like our company, that’s Girl Power!

Lotus Belle Tent Mats are exclusively available in USA through Lotus Belle tents.
  • Our mats can easily fit a 10ft, 13ft, 16ft or 20ft diameter bell tent, tipi, yurt or our very own Lotus Belle tents.
  • The mats come in 2 half moons to make a full moon, perfectly fitting the whole diameter of your tent
  • 10ft mats =  9.1 ft x 4.59 ft x 2 mats in diameter to fit your 10ft bell tent
  • 13ft mats = 12.47ft x 6.23ft x 2 mats in diameter to fit your 13ft bell tent
  • 16ft mats = 15.75ft x 7.87ft x 2 mats diameter to fit your 16ft bell tent
  • 20ft mats 19 ft x 9.5 ft x 2 mats diameter to fit your 20ft bell tent