Porch Awning

  • $27000

These include:
16/20ft Porch Awning

Our Porch Awnings are designed to fit all sizes and models of Lotus Belle Tent so you can extend your living area outside!

  • Available in two sizes to fit our 13ft and 16ft/20ft tents - select the size from the drop-down menu. 
  • Made using cream 9.14 oz/yd² canvas (a little thinner than our tents, but still a lot thicker than most canvas tents available on the market) and a curved steel front pole.
  • Fits on toggles above the doorway on all models of tents from all years of manufacture.

Please note our inflatable tents Air Beam Bud and Air Belle already come with the porch awning included.

Measurements  13ft PORCH  16/20ft PORCH
The distance comes out from the front of the tent at the base 8.5ft 8.5ft
The distance comes out from the tent at the top 7.2ft 7.2ft
the width at the base 8.5ft 8.5ft
the width on the top (near the tent) 3.6ft 4.2ft
the width on the top (the opposite side of the tent) 4.2ft 4.2ft
Height for either size of the porch is 5.2ft

Instructional Video Here! Click here for pictorial instructions 

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