Lotus Bud

  • $95000

We've worked hard to develop the Lotus Bud Tent which is the same great design as the Lotus Belle but essentially a pop up version with no centre pole! Its also much lighter weight and therefore a great travel version. 
* Please note this model is shipping late May 2017*
  • 9 foot floor diameter tent
  • Pitched dimensions 8.9ft x 8.9ft x  7.5ft (total tent height) 4ft (wall height before roof incline starts)
  • You'll need about 15 feet diameter once you include the guide lines.
  • Packed dimensions 4.7ft x 1ft x 1ft  
  • weighing just 57 lbs - so much lighter than the Lotus Belle!
  • pop-up roof and no centre pole allowing for 100% usable space inside
  • 560gsm groundsheet
  • Includes porch awning. Tent with porch dimensions: 14.8ft x 8.9ft x 7.5ft (height)
  • Available in 3 colours: Blue, Purple and Red!


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