Bell Tent Wood Stove

  • $80000

Stoves are a great way to add ambiance to your tent as well a being very practical for both off-grid cooking and staving off mold during damper months 

Installing a stove might seem a little daunting for some, but with our Gypsetter Stove Bundle, we make it a cinch.
Included you will receive:
  • 1 x carbon steel 5 k/w stove 
  • 4 x flue sections (at 19.68” long each and 3.9” wide) 
  • A 45-degree stove jack to protect the flue front the fabric
  • A rain cap to help prevent debris and prevent leaking
  • A nifty bag to carry it all in and of course instructions 
  • Firebox size: 10in
  • Height: 20in (without pipes)
  • Diameter: 12in
  • Length 6.1in, Width .39in, Height 6.1in 
* Please note you will need to make a hearth or have pavers down to protect the floor. The stoves are suitable for yurts, bell tents, and tiny houses too - just bare in mind you might need additional flue sections depending on the height of your structure.
** Our stoves can be used in all our tents except for inflatable tents.
*** After a few uses or exposure to water, it will have become quite rustic in appearance, much like a cast iron pan.