16ft Hybrid

  • $2,75000

Shipping first week of July

Our Hybrid tent comes after many, many requests for a tent that is suitable for all climates... It's exactly the same as the Outback models but all Hybrid tents have both PVC and mesh windows (that's 3 window layers if you include the exterior canvas blind)

Why get a Hybrid? Having the dual purpose windows are great if you intend on installing a wood burning stove because they help retain the heat better. Also if you are attending dusty events like Burning Man people like to see outside.

 Lotus Belle Hybrid tent features:

  • Zippable mesh and PVC windows and a zippable mesh front door
  • A velcro groundsheet around the perimeter to keep out the creepy crawlies 
  • A velcro rectangular panel on the back wall for extra ventilation
  • Bigger roof vents for increased ventilation
  • All windows and door have an exterior canvas covering to keep out the rain

16ft floor diameter means its big enough for 6 twin size beds 

16ft tents are a whopping 56% bigger than out 13ft versions



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