16ft Hybrid Deluxe Stargazer

  • $3,10000

*** Order yours now for delivery in early July. We sold our fast last time so don’t miss out very limited stock *** 

We have combined one of our most popular accessories with one of our most popular tents to bring you The Hybrid Deluxe Stargazer.

Our  Hybrid Deluxe is our best-selling tent in the USA and comes after many, many requests for a tent that is suitable for all climates... 

The Hybrid Deluxe tent has two canvas doors, each with a mosquito net door behind. It has roll down canvas blinds, zip open PVC windows to keep out heavy rain, and behind them, a mesh layer to keep out mozzies and allow maximum airflow in the hot summer. 

To maximize breathability the Hybrid has the same large roof vents as the outback, and a velcro groundsheet to keep out all the bugs.

The questions everyone asks? What is the difference between the Outback Deluxe and Hybrid Deluxe? The Hybrid Deluxe has both PVC and mesh windows so you have the option of interchanging them. So if it's dusty or raining outside PVC means you can see out better and on a cool and breezy day use the mesh window option to keep the pesky bugs at bay. 



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